HVAC Improvement & UV Protection

As a full service HVAC provider, we offer many products to address the needs of Industrial, Commercial and Residential clients. We can do it all! One such industry leading product we are proud to offer is Cold-Plus™ 


Cold-Plus™ is a patent pending technology that differs from any other product on the market. It is a second generation product made specifically to address efficiency in Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Units

•Requires a one-time only injection for all systems.

•Is compatible with all present compressor lubricating oils and Freon.

•Has third party testing that shows full compatibility with all AC and Refrigeration components.

•Contains no chlorinated or sulfonated compounds.

•Is environmentally friendly


The efficiency issues that are addressed are :

•Oil Fouling

•Amp Draw

•Startup Amp Spikes

•Refrigerant Flow

•Heat Transfer

•Pool Boiling


Glass Coatings & UV Protection

The Next Generation Window Coating Technology

We offer an advanced coating that utilizes Sol-Gel and Nano technologies. It comes in liquid form, and within a few hours of application forms a solid layer on the glass surface, providing a double glazing type of window insulation.


Our product is a crystal clear liquid coating that chemically bonds to the inside surface of the glass without the use of adhesives. No matter how severe the weather our product will not peel, blister or bubble and is non-toxic after applied to the glass. Unlike film, our product is also a self-leveling liquid which means the coating will be seamless so there is no limit to the size of the glass it can be applied to.


It provides 99% UV protection – cutting ultraviolet and infrared rays. A protective coating invented in Japan, it cuts out 99% of the UV rays and reduces heat by screening off 90% of infrared rays from the sun. And the beauty is, it does this with little hindrance to the passage of visible light coming through your windows.


Please contact us if you are interesting in learning if these products are right for you.