Power Conditioners


This is achieved in numerous methods depending on the device, application and the location it is installed. These methods include, noise suppression, harmonic smoothing, sinusoidal voltage control, transient power protection and also power factor correction, and often include significant surge protection features. 

We offer a wide range of these products to cover virtually all applications and needs. Whether our clients are small business, restaurants, gas stations or large offices, industrial manufactures, large scale industrial or commercial applications, we can provide the right products to help save energy and protect their investments. 


Utiliguard® Power Quality System

·      A state-of-the-art power management system that protects all of the equipment within the entire environment I.e.  business or an entire plant

·      Full line of Power Quality Systems that protect valuable electrical systems from the effects of damaging surges and harmful harmonic distortion.

·      Increases the life of expensive equipment, and reduces maintenance costs as much as 30-50%.

·      The Utiliguard® Power Quality System is hard wired to each circuit breaker panel.

·      Eliminates all electrical problems traveling at 85 picoseconds or slower (trillionths of a second) at 130 volts or higher.


Utiliguard® Triple Guarantee

·      Includes the Manufacturers LIFETIME WARRANTY. 

·      If a Utiliguard® Power Quality System fails for any reason, it will be replaced free of charge.


20% Energy Savings Guarantee

·      Limited guarantee applies to customers who have purchased Utiliguard® products when properly installed in a building for a period of 2 years.