Renewable Energy & Water Purification

Historically, providing potable water and reliable energy has been costly and in most cases has taken a heavy toll on the environment and our precious natural resources. Additionally, systems that rely on diesel or natural gas, are driven by the ever-increasing costs of fuel, along with significant fluctuations in generation costs. This can cause loss of profits and/or the need to pass through fuel surcharges to customers. 


To remedy, there is a significant global push to provide renewable energy whereby reducing the reliance on fossil fuels. Our Flex Fuel Systems alleviate these problems by combining highly efficient water cleaning and green power generation all within a revolutionary self-contained system. This is accomplished through a proprietary water processing system in concert with hydrogen extraction with little power consumption (approximately 97% efficient). The highly innovative system uses a proven process to produce a high quality, renewable syngas, yielding reliable clean, green energy and medical grade, potable water with a zero carbon footprint.

  • Large Scale Renewable Power Generation
  • „Grid Ready Power from10MW’s – 1GW’s+
  • „Flexible Fuel options
  • „Zero Carbon Emissions
  • „Water Purification up to 10MGD
  • „Purification from virtually any source
  • „Surpasses US EPA drinking water standards
  • „Systems are self contained & small footprint vs. traditional systems

We are proud to represent and offer these systems and believe they far exceeds all other technologies on the market today. It provides clean potable water from virtually any water source (including seawater with desalination option) and green energy with a zero carbon footprint and zero emissions, using only water for its fuel, with the only bi-products being medical grade drinking water and green power. This turnkey solution provides reliable green energy, potable water for many years to come at affordable rates, significant financial returns, and improved global health 


The ideal markets for these systems include government agencies, utilities, large-scale power providers, water treatment facilities and/or municipalities, large-scale consumers of power and water and any existing providers who may benefit from transitioning from traditional high risk and/or high carbon footprint technologies (such as nuclear, coal or fossil fuel based systems). In addition, entities whose infrastructure is aging, in disrepair, or who require additional capacity to keep up with demand loads are potential candidates. 

We appreciate your interest in our Flex Fuel, Water Purification systems and want to thank you for the opportunity to present our solution. We are proud to offer this cutting edge, proprietary technology and believe our system far exceeds all other technologies on the market today. Contact us for more information.