HVAC & Power Conditioners

Products that Save Energy & Extend the Life of HVAC Systems and Industrial Equipment.

As a full service HVAC provider, we offer many products to address the needs of Industrial, Commercial and Residential clients. One such industry leading product we are proud to offer is an industry leading AC additive that improves the efficiency of systems by permanently removing oil fouling, extends system life, saves energy by reducing amp draw, improves refrigerant flow, eliminates the amp start-up spikes, improves the heat transfer process, reduces the effect of pool boiling and is compatible with all present compressor lubricating oils and Freon.


Another category of products we offer are Power Conditioners. These products save energy while protecting all sorts of energy consuming equipment. This is achieved in numerous methods depending on the device, application and the installation location. These methods include, noise suppression, harmonic smoothing, sinusoidal voltage control, transient power protection and also power factor correction, and often include significant surge protection features. Some of the Power Conditioning products we offer include a range of products from industry leading providers.  


We offer a wide range of both categories of products to cover virtually all applications and needs. Whether our clients are small business, restaurants, gas stations or large offices, industrial manufactures, large scale industrial or commercial applications, we can provide the right products to help save energy and protect their investments.

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