High Volume Water Conservation and Purification Systems

Tired of paying too much for Water?

We can help!

Stop paying for air! - The latest advancement in technology for drastic reduction of your water consumption expenses for residential or commercial properties.
Our Water Valves control the air volume in water pipelines before it reaches the water meter.

„Valve sizes range from ¾” through 16” dimensions suited for every size of the main water portals.
Suited for use in any structure drawing water monitored by standard water meters. I.e. Hotels, Condominiums, Factories, Car Washes, Restaurants, Hospitals, Schools, Clubhouses, Apartment Complexes, Timeshare Buildings, etc.
The result: Efficient water consumption and drastic savings without compromising comfort, water pressure, or lifestyle. Savings range from 5-33%+!


Historically, providing potable water and reliable energy has been costly and in most cases has taken a heavy toll on the environment and our precious natural resources. Additionally, systems that rely on diesel or natural gas, are driven by the ever-increasing costs of fuel, along with significant fluctuations in generation costs. This can cause loss of profits and/or the need to pass through fuel surcharges to customers.
To remedy, there is a significant global push to provide renewable energy whereby reducing the reliance on fossil fuels. Our offer Systems to alleviate these problems by combining numerous technologies to create the best solutions for each application. They include, highly efficient water cleaning, green power generation such as Waste to Energy, Bio Mass to Energy etc. The revolutionary products are all within a self-contained systems. These highly innovative systems uses proven processes to produce a high quality, renewable energy, and/or medical grade, potable water with little to zero carbon footprint.
Our turnkey solutions provide our clients reliable, green energy and/or high grade grade potable water for many years, at a guaranteed fixed rate for the length of the term (Power Purchase Agreement model), significant financial returns, and the opportunity to make a positive impact on the earth and the health of its citizens. All this translates into a transition from fossil fuel based and carbon emitting systems, to a cleaner global environment, a healthier population and an overall improved economic environment.
We offer medium to large scale renewable energy generation systems for many environments and applications.