$ignificant $avings - Immediate Impacts

Energy Solutions Worldwide is a full service energy company. We strive to offer the latest technologies that deliver immediate impact with the greatest possible savings for each client.  Our clients rely on our team of professionals to delivery results so they can focus on growing their business.

We are constantly looking for new cutting-edge products to offer so that we stay ahead of the curve and ensure our customers get the best value for their investment. 

  • HVAC Improvement & UV Protection

    It is no secret that HVAC systems and heat loss/heat gain through large windows are some of the largest challenges impacting a company’s energy costs. Many companies pay excessive power bills because of this fact, thus impacting their profitability. We offer products that are specifically designed to reduce these energy costs and put the savings back into your bottom line. Click the link above to learn more!

  • Power Conditioners
    Power Conditioner are devices designed to improve the quality and consistency of power delivered to electrical load equipment. This term also refers to devices that deliver a controlled and optimized voltage at the proper level and characteristics to enable machines or equipment to function at their optimum level.



  • Efficient Lighting & Controllers
    Lighting is typically a large part of our clients energy consumption. Our wide range of lighting efficiency products are designed to provide significant savings. These savings are then directed to our client's profitability and bottom line. Interested? Wouldn't you like to turn your lighting costs into a profit center? Call us today!
  • Renewable Energy & Water Purification

    We offer systems designed to provide significant volumes of consistent green energy and clean potable water to meet all types of power generation and water cleaning needs. This is accomplished using water from virtually any source (including sea water with desalination option) as its fuel.


recent solutions

We are proud to announce the recent addition of many high quality, energy efficient LED lighting tubes and fixtures. These ultra high quality products are  typically brighter and provide a more even and longer lasting solutions when replacing standard T12 or T8 tubes and many common non-LED fixtures. 

  • 50,000+ hour lamp life
  • 5 -10 year mfr guarantees
  • Zero maintenance
  • Improved Light Levels
  • Various Color Temperatures
  • Lowered Heat Loads
In July 2012, the US Department of Energy (DOE) required all fluorescent lighting manufactures to stop producing T12 tubes. That means once the current supply is exhausted, anyone who has T12 fixtures will be required to switch to the more efficient T8 or T5 style fixtures and bulbs. Are you part of this group? If so, give us a call to see how we can design the most effective lighting retrofit solution for you and your business.